Facts and Figures

Don't We Already Have Services in Place?

We gave a presentation to a community organization last week, and afterward received an email from a Stone County resident who had done a little digging. To him, it appeared Stone County DID have the services and supports in place that this ballot initiative would create. We love good opposition; we see it as an opportunity to justify asking for support from this community. Below are specific answers to his questions,

What Is a Developmental Disability Board?

FACTS ABOUT: Missouri’s County Developmental Disabilities (DD) Boards Here are some need-to-know facts about Developmental Disability (or DD) Boards — what they do, and how they function in a community. The Missouri county Developmental Disabilities (DD) Board program started in 1969. Counties, with a passing vote of their residents, can establish a county DD Board. 85 of Missouri’s 112 counties (and the city of St. Louis) have locally funded and controlled