In Our Words

Prayers and Love from Stone County

By: Peggy Ackfeld, grandma of Bentley My name is Peggy Ackfeld and my husband Skip and I have been residents of Stone County for over 30 years. We have also been business owners in this area for 30 years. We have three children who graduated from Reeds Spring, 3 grandchildren who graduated and 4 more who are presently attending Reeds Spring. Four years ago our life changed. Number eleven grandchild was

Opposition is Good

Recently, a Stone County resident felt compelled to take out a small newspaper ad in opposition of the Stone County Developmental Disability Board vote coming up on Nov. 8. We on the Committee always take this as an opportunity to a) listen, and b) clarify. We have been on the ground with an education campaign for the past 3 months–canvasing, attending every community function we could, speaking at every civic

I Will Gladly Return the Favor

Written by: Ladona Weathers, Stone County resident and business owner I am a proud Stone County resident.  I own a home and a business in this county.  I am raising kids in the Reeds Spring School District.  I don’t have a child, niece, nephew, brother, sister or other relative with a developmental disability, so why do I have VOTE YES! signs in my yard?  Why do I share with anyone

Dear People of Walmart...

By: Mindy Smolnik, mom of Bentley Just over four years ago I was given a prenatal diagnosis that would change my life in so many ways. I was told that the child which I was dreaming about all the wonderful things he could do in life would have Down Syndrome. At first, my dreams crashed. A child with Down syndrome couldn’t be the leader of world peace or the person

"It's the right thing to do."

When the Stone County Commission approved our ballot initiative back in May, we didn’t hit the ground running. This is a grassroots movement of parents, family members and friends who are operating on a shoestring budget and, to be honest, it took us a moment to get our bearings. Passing a tax, in a Presidential election year, is not easy! One moment–one random interaction with an elected official–put it in