What Is a Developmental Disability Board?

What Is a Developmental Disability Board?

FACTS ABOUT: Missouri’s County Developmental Disabilities (DD) Boards

Here are some need-to-know facts about Developmental Disability (or DD) Boards — what they do, and how they function in a community.

  1. The Missouri county Developmental Disabilities (DD) Board program started in 1969. Counties, with a passing vote of their residents, can establish a county DD Board.
  2. 85 of Missouri’s 112 counties (and the city of St. Louis) have locally funded and controlled DD boards. All counties surrounding Stone County have DD Boards.
  3. Together these county DD boards generate over $75 million in revenue to pay for services to local county residents.
  4. The County Commission appoints nine members to serve on the DD board as specified in state law.
  5. Board members serve three year terms and may serve more than once.
  6. At least seven of the nine board members must reside in the county.
  7. Board members and close family members are prohibited from employment by the board.
  8. County DD boards provide copies of their annual budgets and annual audits to the county commission and must abide by Sunshine Law requirements of public transparency.
  9. The board’s treasurer must be bonded.
  10. The board sets limitations with respect to the types of serves it will fund or provide.
  11. Missouri courts have ruled that county DD boards’ primary focus must be employment and/or residential services and other services  related to the future employment and residential needs of people with DD, as specified by the State legislature in the original law.
  12. County DD boards are limited to providing service and funding for programs that serve persons with developmental disabilities like Autism, cerebral palsy, Down Syndrome or other developlmental conditions occuring before age 22 that will continue throughout a lifetime.
  13. Boards may employ qualified persons to provide services directly or may contract with qualified nonprofit corporations.
  14. The board sets its priorities and budget based upon the needs of persons with DD in the County.
  15. Many county DD boards use their local revenue to leverage federal Medicaid funds to more than double the dollars available to provide services to local county residents.
  16. The Stone county DD board, if approved by the voters on November 8 will be authorized for ten years. County voters will have the opportunity to re-authorize the county DD board in 2026.

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