Service Applications

The Stone County Developmental Disability Board (SCDDB) exists to develop and maintain services and supports for the residents of Stone County with developmental disabilities and their families. SCDDB follows a specific set of principles for determining funding and programming (read about our Funding Principles here.)

Click through the tabs below for information on current funding areas and to download an applications. Contact SCDDB at 417-272-0444. with any questions or if you need assistance filling out forms.


SCDDB will provide Camp Scholarships of up to $760.00 per person per year for adults and children to attend recreational/social activities and camping programs. The number of camp scholarships available for the following summer will be established by the Board of Directors upon adoption of its annual budget. Click on document below to download complete application.

Individual Family Request for Funding 

Summer Camp Scholarship Policy

The SCDDB In-Home Respite Program is set up to help families pay for intermittent care for a family member with a developmental disability. The program can provide up to a maximum of twenty-five (25) hours per month. Click on document below to download complete application.

In Home Personal Care Program

It is the desire of SCDDB to facilitate and enhance the education of parents about their children’s disabilities. Better educated parents are better equipped to respond to the needs of their own children, better informed when required to make choices and decisions that may have long-term consequences and better able to mentor and share their knowledge and experience with others who have just begun the journey of raising a child with a developmental disability. Click on document below to download complete application.

Educational Conferences and Seminars

The Individual/Family Funding Program is designed to assist Stone County individuals with developmental disabilities and their families to address unique habilitative and support needs that cannot be met with other revenue sources. The Individual/Family Funding Program is designed to complement, not take the place of existing funding sources, including such sources as Dept. of Mental Health, Vocational Rehabilitation, Dept. of Elementary and Secondary Education, Medicaid/Medicare/private insurance, local civic clubs and churches, local Community Action Agencies, etc. In addition, natural supports within the family as well as within the community should be identified prior to seeking financial assistance through SCDDB. Click on document below to download complete guidelines and application.

Individual Family Funding-Guidelines

Individual Family Request for Funding

All agencies applying for  funds from SCDDB should contact the Board to ascertain deadline dates and procedures for submitting an application.

Qualifying organizations must:

  • Be incorporated as a Missouri Not-For Profit Corporation or a Governmental Entity working in cooperation with SCDDB in improving and expanding services to persons with developmental disabilities in Stone County.
  • Serving Persons who are developmentally disabled as defined in RSMo 205.68 and 178.900 and residents of Stone County.
  • Not utilize SCDDB funds to provide services to persons without a developmental disability.
  • Not utilize SCDDB funds to provide services to non-Stone County residents or to perform SCDDB funded services outside of Stone County without first consulting and informing the SCDDB Board.
  • Be in good standing with the Missouri Secretary of State.

SCDDB will receive and review funding applications on an annual basis.  Exact deadline dates and procedures will be announced at the beginning of each funding cycle.

Agency Funding Application 2019

Agency Funding Policy and Guidelines