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Residential Services

Stone County Developmental Disability Board has been contracted through Department of Mental Health to provide Medicaid-funded residential ISL (Individualized Supported Living) services for individuals with developmental disabilities who are looking for their “own place.”

Even more, we are excited to actively participate in supporting those individuals as they pursue greater independence in their life and inclusion in their communities! We’ve named this program AVENUES to show the different pathways each individual takes to achieve their independence and belonging in their community. We are here to 100% support that!

Residential Services are designed to support independence and empowerment in home and community life.

Individuals in residential services have the CHOICE of:

  • Where they want to live
  • What type of home they wish to live in
  • Who they may wish to live with, AND
  • How they spend their time while at home or at activities in the community.

What does SCDDB provide?

    • Personal staff to assist with daily life activities such as personal care, shopping, cooking, and budgeting.
    • Support for participation in social, spiritual, and recreational activities.
    • Opportunities to make and continue to develop healthy relationships.
    • Positive living environments, allowing for growth and emphasizing choice.
    • AND MORE!

Other Supports include (some services have additional requirements for funding):

  • Home modifications to increase freedom, access, and safety.
  • Utilization of transportation.
  • Encouragement to participate in recreational and leisure activities such as bowling and softball leagues, church groups, community and sporting events, clubs, craft classes, etc.
  • Participation and activity as a consumer and citizen.
  • Encouragement to pursue employment and volunteer activities.
  • Day Services through SCDDB’s ACES! program or another program of your choosing.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What would it cost?

  • You would be responsible to pay for rent/utilities, groceries, and spending money out of your monthly income. Our Residential Director, Macy Turner, and your LinkAbility Service Coordinator will assess your income and help determine what you can afford.
  • SCDDB staff services are paid by Medicaid through a Comprehensive Waiver (or, “Comp” Waiver.) You must meet certain qualifications to receive a Comp Waiver.
  • SCDDB staff will help you sign up for SNAP benefits and other assistance you may qualify for. Our goal is to make independent living affordable to you!

What rules do I have to follow?

  • You will need to follow all of the rules and laws that any citizen would follow. You will also need to keep your home clean and in good repair (staff is there to help!)
  • You will have the choice to live in a home and neighborhood that you like, with a roommate you like.
  • You will be treated respectfully, and our staff will support your individuality and how you choose to express yourself.
  • You will have freedom to live in a home environment without restrictions and constraints (*unless there is a documented rights restriction in your ISP.)
  • You will have the right to host visitors as desired.

How is an ISL different than a group home?

  • An ISL (Individualized Supported Living) is really just a way to provide you support services in a home that YOU choose (SCDDB can help with that, too!)
  • SCDDB has leased apartments and homes in Stone County to choose from, nestled in communities with people of different abilities, backgrounds, and interests–just like everyone else!
  • You may have one or two roommates who also receive services. This helps with sharing the costs of independent living.
  • SCDDB staff is there to help you with your morning routine, to pack lunch for your day activities, help with making and going to appointments, grocery shopping, budgeting and meal prep, bathing and grooming, taking you to recreational activities like bowling or exercise class, and anything else you would like!

Our residential services continue the Stone County Developmental Disability Board tradition of Person-First, Person-Centered in supporting individuals to thrive, connect with others, and achieve goals. No one is defined by any disability, and all are entitled to opportunities, choices, and inclusion wherever they live or choose to be.

Check your eligibility here!

Email LaDella Thomas, Executive Director, or call 417-272-0444.