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Day Services

Black and hot pink lettering reading ACES! Achieving Community Engagement and Success. Logo is 3 figures with a sunburst above their heads.

A New Kind of Program, JUST FOR YOU!

Every person possesses a unique potential; a potential to create, grow, learn, and adapt. We focus on empowering each person served, and to enjoy a fulfilling and meaningful lifestyle. Our program provides opportunities in self-advancement and community integration.

  • We offer a personalized schedule designed to fit the needs and interests of each person.
  • We guide and provide support for people in gaining the skills needed to find employment, improve health and wellness, and learn essential social skills.
  • We provide each person with the opportunity to become self-reliant and a contributing member of their community.
  • We help to enhance social and communication skills among peers and community members and encourage individual choices and active self-advocacy that leads to a happy and healthy lifestyle.
  • We encourage full and healthy lifestyles and want everyone to have the opportunity to experience the life they choose–their “Best Life”!

Services Offered

The Stone County Developmental Disability Board is a licensed Medicaid provider, authorized to provide the following services through our ACES! program:

Individual Skills Development

Developing more complex skills through hands-on teaching how to:
• Cook, do laundry, grocery shop, budget, pay bills, use public transportation, etc.

Community Integration

Assistance and teaching through participation in community activities like:
• Social events, clubs, recreational activities, volunteering, job exploration

Personal Assistant

Assisting with tasks that can’t be accomplished independently like:
• Bathing, personal care, transfers, ambulation, grooming

Day Habilitation

Community-based program to assist with skills acquisition and development through learning:
• Etiquette, how to check out a book at the library, how to mail a letter, how to use money, etc.

Contact us for more info:
417-272-0444 or

*Certain qualifications may apply to receive services. Click here to see if you qualify.